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We are grateful to have brought together a group with diverse backgrounds and complementary skill sets to help lead and deliver our programs.

The Team at The Mountain Center in New Mexico


Tony Dixon
Executive Director

Wendy Skelley
Finance Director

Helen Tindel
Office Manager


Counseling Services

Lora Blazina, LPCC 
Clinical Director

Melissa Harper, LMHC
Counseling Services

Megan Orr, LPCC
Counseling Services


Misty Blakesley (Anishinaabe, She/They)
TAP + Emergence + Courage to Risk, Program Manager

Renae Lee (Diné, She/They)
Emergence + TAP, Project Coordinator & Emergence Outreach

Harm Reduction

Philip Fiuty
Harm Reduction, Program Director

Myron Montano
Harm Reduction, Case Manager


Kelly Mytinger

Harm Reduction, Manager


Hana Crawford 
Harm Reduction, Outreach Worker

Raven Emmons
Harm Reduction, Outreach Worker

Melanie Garcia
Harm Reduction, Prevention Coordinator

Alicia Martinez
PDO, Outreach Worker

Cassidy Snyder
Harm Reduction, Outreach Worker

Marina Orozco-Vazquez
Polysubstance Prevention Coordinator

Tonya Westrick
Polysubstance Prevention Coordinator

Lesly Bencomo-Chacon
MAT Nurse

NM Genders and Sexualities Alliance Network

Karen Dugas
Adventure OUT! and NM GSAN Program Manager

Atom Green
Adventure OUT!, Program Coordinator

Mia Olson
NMGSA, Program Coordinator

Therapeutic Adventure Program

Misty Blakesley
TAP + Emergence + Courage To Risk, Program Manager

Colleen Fox
TAP and AIR Program Manager

Christian Sommer
TAP, Field Supervisor

Renae Lee (Diné) ​
Emergence + TAP, Project Coordinator

Phoebe Sheldon Young
TAP, Project Coordinator

Nick Vandiver
TAP, Project Coordinator

Alanie Rael 
Project Coordinator

Liam Merkle
Project Coordinator


Eli Skye
Program and Clinical Manager

Tenasha Ansera
Intake Coordinator and Case Manager

Serina Bailon
Residential Treatment Assistant

Erin Borrego
Residential Treatment Assistant

Delberta Calabaza
Residential Treatment Assistant

Pheadra Calabaza
Residential Treatment Assistant

Danetta Cate
Residential Treatment Assistant

DJ Lovato
Residential Treatment Assistant

Emily Donat

Ernesto Santistevan
Prescribing Psychologist

Kenny Quintana

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