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The Emergence Program was created in 1993 to reclaim experiential education as a tool for developing self-confidence and leadership skills among Native people and for rebuilding the internal cohesion of Native communities. It takes its name in honor of the many Native and Pueblo communities’ creation stories--stories about the way their people came into the world.

The Emergence Program is unique because it is composed of Native staff working in Native communities. We offer experiential, adventure-based programming for young leaders, communities and at-risk youth and adults. Emergence has worked with all 19 Pueblos and two tribal nations in New Mexico.

Our goal is to empower Native American communities by providing culturally relevant experiences that support decolonization and the reclamation of indigenous knowledge and values.

We co-create our curriculum with participants to focus on social-emotional skills, traditional technologies and  relationship with land and our relatives through Native language, science, art, culture and stories.

And we encourage lots of connection, to our own inner world, to our community and to the Natural world, all while having lots of fun!

For instance, we may engage in traditional fire-making as a way to talk to about relationships, how each part of the firemaking process holds specific knowledge about the laws of interdependence. We would appreciate the plants and their contributions, and we may ask students their own stories of fire or what they know of fire in their communities.

Our Therapeutic Adventure Programs are prevention-based or intervention programs for people in tribal justice, the mental and behavioral health system for those who are participating in prevention or other tribal or school programs.

Private Contracted Programs are customized programs for groups who want to build cohesion or leadership capacity.

Trainings and Workshops address social justice issues such as decolonization, civic engagement, intergenerational trauma, youth organizing, power and oppression, systems of privilege, cross-cultural engagement, and cultural competency/safety.

What Emergence Program Participants Say.

“Today we as a group grew strong and were able to support one another.”


“The most meaningful activity was talking about our communities and healthy relations.”


“My favorite was when people really started to open up with each other and what I liked the most was at the end of the day we filled up an entire area with laughter.”

For more information, reach out to Misty Blakesley.


Our Emergence Program is accredited by the Association of Experiential Education's Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Standards.

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare in New Mexico

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