Counseling Services

Adventures in Recovery

for adults in recovery from substance use

Our Adult Recovery programs follow our innovative Therapeutic Adventure Program model, which uses a strength-based, positive development approach to provide intervention, prevention and maintenance services to adults (18+) struggling with substance use. These services are available to residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment centers and community members in recovery.

Utilizing our Experiential Adventure-Based Resiliency model, we prescriptively design programs that meet the presenting needs of each client group. We provide dynamic therapeutic learning experiences that incorporate elements of adventure, challenge and interpersonal processing/reflection coupled with a life skills curriculum and experiences which include cooperative games, problem-solving initiatives, high-ropes challenge courses, rock climbing, snowshoeing, hiking, backpacking and rafting. The physical and psychological challenges are designed to:

  • Stimulate social competencies and personal growth
  • Deepen personal values
  • Expand individual capabilities
  • Provide awareness around identity development
  • Develop self-confidence and insight
  • Improve interpersonal skills and relationships

The Mountain Center’s response to a pressing social need in New Mexico regarding substance use is to provide ongoing support to those members of a community who are struggling with these issues. Programs include weekly or bi-monthly day programs with residential treatment centers and intensive outpatient programs on-site (at the facility) or in a wilderness setting and an open-enrollment program for adults in the maintenance phase of recovery (open to the community).


"This was such a great experience! I'm leaving with a renewed sense of well-being."

"Today’s program was super-positive experience full of support with a community of people with one goal: to stay sober."

"I love this program. The activities are simple but deeply meaningful and the dialogue afterward is insightful and nurturing."

"On the Mountain Center AIR program, I found an inner strength I wasn’t always aware of."


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