Transitional Living Program

Make a Referral

Make A Referral

Whether you’re a referral agency or individual, a prospective resident, or a family member, you can contact us by phone between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Admissions are pre-arranged, by appointment only. The referral process includes the completion of several important tasks such as a medical authorization for care and generally takes a few days to complete. The Mountain Center's TLP staff are happy to assist where needed.

For information or to make a referral please call (505) 465-2040 or email us at


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answers to frequently asked questions

The Mountain Center's Transitional Living Program is for women coming out of addiction treatment programs or institutions who require added structure and support to prepare for a successful transition to life in the community. An onsite Outpatient Addiction Treatment component is provided. Through referral, the TLP staff help residents access primary medical care, and mental health services where needed.

Funding may be available through community programs or through self-pay by individuals and families. We are a new facility and not yet authorized to accept insurance for residential treatment. Please call for information.

The anticipated length of stay at The Mountain Center's Transitional Living Program is 3 to 6 months, depending on individual need and by progress on meeting goals and objectives.

We’ve provided a downloadable .pdf list of items CLICK HERE to view it.

 Yes. However they must be pre-approved by staff to ensure safety and security. SDCH encourages the involvement of your family in treatment.

It’s fairly structured, to include group and/or individual counseling, community living tasks, and social activities. The goal is to represent as closely as possible a healthy daily routine to take with you into the community after discharge.

Yes, there are a limited number of rooms for that purpose. Please contact the Admission Coordinator to see the guidelines for bringing a young child to TLP.

There are limits on the amount of cash you may have in your possession and on some items for personal use.