Therapeutic Adventure Programs

Our Therapeutic Adventure Program (TAP) is a prevention, intervention, and maintenance program that creates a safe emotional space where clients feel empowered to push themselves past their perceived limits in order to achieve personal growth. Within the 6 programs that are housed under TAP, we provide over 7,800 participant service days each year to youth and adults.

TAP is the essence and manifestation of the Mountain Center’s Wilderness Experience Program (WEP) that was primarily active in the late 70s, 80s and 90’s. WEP, as it was known, was our program that would take groups into the backcountry for 20+ days or more, engaging in activities such as rafting, rock climbing, and backpacking. These elements of adventure are still found today in our TAP programs. Embedded in the philosophy and modality of Outward Bound, Wilderness Therapy, and Experiential Education, the Mountain Center’s WEP program is a driving force and influence for many of our programs today.

All of the Mountain Center programs have elements of our Therapeutic Adventure approach which utilize our Experiential Adventure and Community-Based Resiliency Model, where we work closely with agencies to prescriptively design programs that meet the presenting needs of each client group. You will find with the majority of our programs that work with groups (Healthy Transitions, NM Genders and Sexuality Alliance Network, Counseling Services, Professional Development) engages and implements in Therapeutic Adventure principles. We can also tailor a specific program to fit the needs of your particular business, group or organizations by asking for one of our Custom Therapeutic Programs.

We use a variety of adventure activities and experiential methods where clients can experience success in the challenges they face, and then apply the metaphoric learnings into their lives.

Our referring agencies include treatment centers, juvenile justice, protective services, schools, tribal social services, and shelters.

They report the following positive outcomes for participants:

  • 93% credit our program with having a positive impact on participants’ sense of personal power, capabilities, and potential
  • 91% agree that our methods helped participants improve their self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy
  • One referral agent shares this: “I think the most effective aspect of the program was that it allowed the students to participate in shared experiences where they were required to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and support each other.

Therapeutic Adventure Program Staff

Misty Blakesley
TAP + Emergence + Courage To Risk, Program Manager

Melissa Harper
TAP and Counseling Services Program Manager

Colleen Fox
TAP and AIR Program Manager

Christian Sommer
TAP, Field Supervisor

Amy Gordon
TAP, Project Coordinator

Alyssa Glover
TAP, Project Coordinator + Adventure Therapist

Marquel Musgrave
Emergence + TAP, Project Coordinator

Renae Lee 
Emergence + TAP, Project Coordinator

Reuben Chinana
Emergence + TAP, Project Coordinator

Phoebe Sheldon Young
TAP, Project Coordinator

Pretzyl Hyzy
TAP, Project Coordinator

Caleb Patrick 
TAP, Project Coordinator


Tony Dixon
Executive Director