Professional Development

The Mountain Center’s Professional Development Program addresses various aspects of leadership and management development as well as organizational self-care and renewal for both individuals and groups in a holistic and intrinsic approach. We custom build programs to address your professional group’s needs, and let you pick the activities most right for your group.

Think about it: What can rock climbing teach me about leadership? What can being suspended in the air 25 feet off the ground teach me and/or the team holding my rope about trust, support and the importance of healthy communication? What can learning mindfulness practices of being in the moment and connected to my breath teach me about being a better supervisor? How can laughing and having fun while learning a new concept or perspective in leadership be beneficial for me as an individual and for the culture of the organization of which I am a part?

If you were able to answer these questions, then you have an understanding of how our approach supports individuals to stretch and grow both personally and professionally. The Mountain Center strives to create professional group experiences that deepen and integrate profound change. We inspire groups and individuals to achieve their full potential by utilizing elements of adventure and experiential education, both of which aim to foster community renewal.

These programs provide stronger organizational effectiveness through active learning experiences. The Mountain Center’s approach to active learning is to create environments wherein participants use their bodies, speech and minds in a safe and supportive environment, where both the individual and the group are facilitated through a series of reflective experiences, each of which link back to their professional lives.

If your staff needs renewal or group team building, or your board needs some bonding and vision time, we can design the right program for your team.

Some of the organizations for whom we have provided professional development:

  • Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women
  • AMERIND Risk
  • Team Rubicon
  • Serenity Mesa Treatment Center
  • Kewa Behavioral Health
  • New Moon Lodge
  • El Centro
  • Bernalillo Juvenile Probation
  • Kha'p'o Community School

Professional Development Programs and trainings we offer:

  • Elements of Leadership
  • Renewal and Reconnect our Purpose
  • Adventures in a Caring Community for Educators
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Customized Professional Development programs or trainings based on needs and outcomes

Custom Therapeutic Programs

The Mountain Center can also put together a particular package or program that’s tailored to the needs of your specific group--be it a business, a nonprofit, a company retreat, whatever. Accordingly, we can offer an outing that’s exactly the same as one of our other programs or we can incorporate the activities and goals from any of our other programs resemble and create one that accomplishes exactly what you want it to accomplish. For example: if you have a group of adults in treatment for substance use we can design a program that resembles our Adventures in Recovery program. Or: if you’d like your fifth-grade class to work on being more caring to one another, we can provide our evidenced-based program Adventures in a Caring Community. If you have something else in mind, please let us know what you are looking for. We are dynamic in terms of supporting the needs of our partner agencies and communities.

Some of the partner agencies and communities for whom we provide Custom Therapeutic Programs:

  • Cibola County
  • Valencia County
  • Santa Fe Teen Court
  • Española Teen Court
  • Bernalillo County
  • Sandoval County
  • Butterfly Healing Center
  • Inspire Santa Fe Protégé Gathering
  • Taos Pueblo
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness (NMSU)
  • Breakthrough Santa Fe
  • American Indian Summer Bridge
  • Bosque School
  • Creativity for Peace

What Sets the Mountain Center Apart

We are accredited by the Association for Experiential Education and our staff is highly skilled in both facilitation and risk management. Our staff is passionate about the work we do and the mission we serve. We have a track record of 30+ years of effectively using experiential adventure to achieve client objectives. We offer two great locations for off-site meetings, retreats, seminars and trainings—our training facility at our headquarters in the beautiful village of Tesuque, New Mexico, and our Urban Adventure and Training Center in central Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For more information and/or pricing, please contact:

Tony Dixon
Executive Director

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