At the heart of the Mountain Center’s work and mission is our programs, which encompass a unique holistic approach to behavioral health services for vulnerable populations. We focus on prevention, intervention and maintenance strategies that range from individual and group counseling, needle exchange and youth and community support to therapeutic adventure. The golden thread that runs through all the Mountain Center’s programming is the support of growth in the resilience of the youth, adults and communities of New Mexico.

Therapeutic Adventure Programs: Therapeutic Adventure-based program designs range from single-day programs to multi-day camps and wilderness programs that incorporate cooperative games, problem-solving “group initiative” challenges, ropes courses, backpacking, rock climbing, rappelling and whitewater rafting. Here you will find: ACC (Adventures in a Caring Community), CTR (Courage To Risk) , AIR (Adventures in Recovery) and other programs.

Harm Reduction: Harm Reduction provides access to clean needles (in exchange for used ones) and AcuDetox, and also provides distribution of Naloxone. Harm Reduction offers Overdose Prevention Tranings on-line and in person. Our Harm Reduction program also offers MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) which includes Saboxone treatment, counseling services, and case management. 

Emergence: Emergence programs provide community mobilization and programming for Native youth and adults.

Counseling Services: The Mountain Center also has intensive outpatient services for adolescents with substance abuse disorders as well as regular outpatient services.

Professional Development and Custom Therapeutic Programs: Programs for businesses and teams as well as customized therapeutic programs.

New Mexico Genders and Sexualities Network: Builds positive identity development, self-efficacy, mental health and empowerment of LGBTQ+ youth, young adults and communities.